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Are you concerned that your child is not sleeping properly and may be experiencing a problem while sleeping? We commonly hear of adults experiencing sleep problems such as sleep apnea, but many people aren’t aware that children can experience many of the same issues. Sleep-disordered breathing can come out in children in three different ways: snoring, sleep apnea, and mouth breathing. If these sleep issues are not treated and continue throughout childhood, into the teenage years, and finally into adulthood, there can be serious complications with overall health.

What To Know About Sleep Apnea

Have you been told by family members that you snore loudly and keep them up at night? Or do you wake up in the morning feeling like you barely got any sleep? If so, there is a chance you are experiencing sleep apnea. Sleep apnea is a very serious condition that greatly affects your overall health. It can lead to a number of serious health complications, and when left untreated, it can take a number of years off your life. Unfortunately, many people who suffer from sleep apnea remain undiagnosed.