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Simple Ways to Help Manage Oral Pain While You Wait to Come See Us

Posted on 8/9/2021 by Amy Chichetti
Simple Ways to Help Manage Oral Pain While You Wait to Come See UsUnfortunately, many people experience oral pain at some point in their life. If you are experiencing pain anywhere in your mouth, there are things you can do to manage your pain before you come see us.

What You Can do to Ease Your Oral Pain at Night

If you are experiencing a toothache in the middle of the night, there are some home treatments you can try to alleviate the pain. Our first recommendation is to use over the counter pain medication. Secondly, you can prop your head up higher than your body to keep the blood from rushing to your head. Some patients find their toothaches intensify if they lie flat in their bed. Regardless of how your night turns out, give us a call first thing in the morning and we will try to work you into our schedule.

Managing Oral Pain During the Day

Toothaches can be quite painful. If the soft tissue inside your tooth, called the pulp, is affected, you will feel it. The pulp is where your nerves, tissues, and blood vessels are housed inside your tooth. It is the most sensitive area in your whole body. If the nerves in your tooth are irritated, you could have severe pain. Call our office immediately if you have intense pain in your mouth.

In the meantime, rinse your mouth with warm salt water. Salt water can loosen debris between your teeth and act as a disinfectant. Salt water can also reduce inflammation. Simply stir a half a teaspoon of salt into a glass of warm water and rinse your mouth thoroughly and spit it out in the sink. In addition, if you are experiencing swelling, you can hold a cold compress of ice wrapped in a towel over the painful area for up to twenty minutes at one time. You can also take over the counter pain medications in addition to these pain management techniques.

Call us Right Away

If you are experiencing a toothache, a call our office immediately. We will work with you to schedule an appointment as soon as possible.

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