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Periodontal Care

Over 64 million Americans suffer from periodontitis, making it a shockingly common severe oral health condition. At Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness we see oral health problems frequently - cavities, tooth decay, gingivitis, etc. And it is the latter that we are discussing on this page or more specifically, what can develop as a result of gingivitis: periodontal disease.

Periodontitis is an advanced stage of gum disease that derives from gingivitis. Treating and managing periodontitis requires more care than gingivitis as the damages cannot be reversed, instead, the initial cause of the disease is removed and closely monitored.

Caring For Patients With Periodontitis

As previously mentioned, caring for patients suffering from periodontitis involves taking care of what caused gum disease in the first place - bacterial growth. Gum disease is caused by bacteria attacking the gums, typically from plaque that has been stuck between teeth and attached to the gums. As a result, removing this is one of the first steps in the treatment process.

This isn’t enough, however. Periodontitis typically recedes the gums, exposing more of the tooth and leaving areas for bacteria to attack under the gums. Plaque and tartar will form in these areas and a procedure known as root scaling is done to remove it. Root planing, on the other hand, will smooth rough surfaces on a tooth to prevent bacteria from living in these patches where they can more easily rest and grow.

To further aid in this treatment, antibiotics can be prescribed to patients for managing bacteria levels. Ultimately, however, the patient will have to practice excellent oral hygiene to prevent further damages.

What You Can Do

How gum disease is able to develop in general is bacterial growth in the mouth. This is why practicing healthy brushing and flossing is important in both preventing periodontitis and ensuring that the damages don’t become worse for those who do have the condition. Brushing twice a day is encouraged because it largely eliminates harmful bacteria that can cause severe oral health problems in the future. Flossing is especially important when talking about gum disease because plaque that sits between teeth is usually a big reason why gingivitis starts.

Diet Matters

Brushing and diet both play a part in oral hygiene. Candy, white bread, and sugary drinks will all allow bacteria to thrive in your mouth. Most people don’t consider the oral health implications that an unhealthy diet can bring, but in truth, it is a large contributor toward oral health problems. We believe patients will notice a big difference in their oral health just by making healthier swaps to everyday foods. Choosing natural foods for snacks, wholesome meals, and unsweetened drinks for your beverage of choice will all contribute to a healthier smile.

Contact Us If You Are Experiencing Oral Health Problems

At Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness we are here for you. If you are experiencing oral health issues or have any questions, you can call our office at 704-629-8081. We want to make sure each patient has a lifetime of good oral health.
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