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Wisdom Teeth Removal
Charlotte, NC

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Wisdom teeth are the final set of molars that usually come in during your late teens or early twenties. If they come in properly, they can be an asset to your mouth. However, it is more common than not that wisdom teeth will come in crooked or impacted and require removal. If your wisdom teeth are causing you pain, you should contact immediately to discuss removal with one of our experienced oral surgeons.

Misaligned Wisdom Teeth

If your wisdom teeth are misaligned, this means they came in horizontally, angled toward or away from your other molars, or angled in towards your tongue or out towards your cheeks. Poorly aligned wisdom teeth can cause crowding in the rest of your mouth, possibly pushing the rest of your teeth together. This can also cause damage to the teeth around your wisdom teeth, your jawbone, or nerves in your mouth.

Impacted Wisdom Teeth

Impacted wisdom teeth will only break through your gums partially. Partial break through creates an opening for bacteria to enter your gums around the tooth and can cause an infection. The infection will cause pain, swelling, jaw stiffness, or illness in general. Impacted wisdom teeth are also more prone to tooth decay and gum disease because they are positioned awkwardly in a hard-to-reach part of your mouth that makes it hard to brush and floss.

When is Removal Necessary?

When your wisdom teeth start to cause problems in your mouth, or an X-ray shows that they might in the future, you will need to have them removed. It is important to remove the wisdom teeth before they cause damage to any other teeth or create mouth pain and biting problems. Jaw damage can occur if your mouth forms cysts around your new teeth. Swollen and inflamed gums are another issue that can let you know that it is time for wisdom teeth removal.

What to Expect

Before your wisdom teeth extraction takes place, you will meet and discuss the process with an oral surgeon. Make sure you let the surgeon know of any health issues you have, any medications you take, ask questions you may have about the surgery, and discuss the type of anesthesia you want.

You can get a shot in your mouth of a local anesthetic, like Novocain, that will numb the area during the procedure. You can also choose to breathe in some nitrous oxide, better known as laughing gas, to relax during your surgery.

There is also the option of IV sedation. Not only will the oral surgeon numb your mouth, they will also give you an IV with anesthesia to make you drowsy and you may sleep through the procedure.

General anesthesia is also offered. It can be administered through an IV or breathing through a mask. You will be asleep the entire surgery, until about an hour after the surgery is finished.

The surgeon may need to cut your gums and possibly bone to get your wisdom teeth out. If this is the case, they will stitch the wounds with a dissolvable stitch that will dissolve in a few days. You may also find that there is gauze in your mouth, this will be to soak up the blood from the procedure. Ready to discuss your wisdom teeth removal? Contact Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness at 704-629-8081 to schedule your first consultation appointment.

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