What are the results of crown lengthening?

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Have you heard of crown lengthening? If not, the following information gives you more details about the treatment.


A crown lengthening can be used for 1 of 2 reasons. Sometimes we lengthen a crown or perform the procedure so a crown can fit onto a tooth better. On other occasions, we may use the procedure to fix a gummy smile where the patient shows more gum than teeth. In either case, the procedure does not take long and can improve the looks of a smile or enhance the function of a crown, a dental restoration often used for a tooth misshapen, cracked, or broken.


When we place a dental crown, it must firmly attach to the existing tooth. In some cases, we cannot do this unless we perform a crown lengthening procedure. Therefore, we recontour the gum tissue and sometimes the bone to expose more of the tooth’s surface. While you may have not heard of the procedure, it is common and does not take a lot of time. Often, we can perform the therapy in under an hour.


Whether you are having the surgery performed to correct a gummy smile or to fit a crown, you will need to prepare for the treatment. Before we schedule your surgery, you need to let us know about any medications you are taking. If the surgery is being performed to fit a new crown, you will probably wear a temporary crown until the scheduled treatment.

If you have any questions about a crown lengthening procedure, we are here to answer them. Make sure you know what to expect, whether you need to have a permanent crown fitted to a cracked tooth or need to improve the appearance of a gummy smile. Give us a call today to schedule an exam and consultation.