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Real Patients, Real Results
Smile Makeover

Check out Her SHINING Smile!

  • THE PROBLEM: Uneven bite and discolored teeth
  • THE SOLUTION: A customized Smile Makeover
  • Using a combination of restorative and cosmetic treatments, we took her smile from pretty, yet imperfect, to the bright, perfect smile of her dreams.

Crowns and Implants and Partials, Oh My!

  • THE PROBLEM: Lack of confidence in her smile
  • THE SOLUTION: Combination of different dental solutions tailored to her needs.
  • She was ready for a smile makeover! We ended up doing crowns on all of her teeth, and even included both an implant and partial dentures.
Dental Crowns

Fractured Teeth Replaced With Crowns

  • THE PROBLEM: Had an accident that damaged existing crowns on front teeth.
  • THE SOLUTION: Replaced 2 dental crowns and added 4 additional crowns.
  • After having an accident that damaged her 2 crowns on the front teeth, we replaced those crowns and added an additional 2 to each side of the upp front teeth.


  • THE PROBLEM: Crooked and uneven teeth and bite
  • THE SOLUTION: SureSmile® Clear Aligner therapy.
  • A straight smile is not just aesthetically pleasing, it is easier to keep healthy. When your teeth and bite are in perfect alignment, you will have less difficulty brushing and flossing, and you may even notice less pain, discomfort, or tension in your jaw.

Dental Crowns

  • THE PROBLEM: Severe enamel breakdown resulting in wear of the teeth and a collapsed bite.
  • THE SOLUTION: Aligner therapy and multiple ceramic crowns made with in-house equipment.
  • After a year long aligner therapy, we leveraged our “in-house” laboratory and were able to transition him to his new smile and bite in 2 days. 28 crowns in total!

Full Mouth Restoration

  • THE PROBLEM: Bruxism casing multiple issues to teeth.
  • THE SOLUTION: Full Mouth Restoration with crowns and implants.
  • This was a full mouth reconstruction due to bruxism. We did esthetic crown lengthening, two implants placed, full smile design while opening vertical dimension (opening his bite).
Incredible Results
Crowns BeforeCrowns After
Crowns BeforeCrowns After
SureSmile® BeforeSureSmile® After
Crowns BeforeCrowns After
Full Mouth Restoration BeforeFull Mouth Restoration After
SureSmile, Composites, and Whitening BeforeSureSmile, Composites, and Whitening After
Real Patients, Real Results

Dental Crowns

  • THE PROBLEM: Discoloration and gaps between the teeth from old fillings.
  • THE SOLUTION: Dental crowns and whitening to remove stains and spaces.
  • After growing tired of the discoloration in the gaps between her teeth, we placed four dental crowns on the front teeth to close the spaces and brightened her smile in the process.

Dental Crowns

  • THE PROBLEM: General wear & discoloration of enamel and fillings
  • THE SOLUTION: Crowns across the front of smile
  • When this patient showed signs of wear from grinding and discoloration of the fillings and enamel, we placed crowns all along the front of her smile to provide a unified shade as well as replace the full size of the teeth from the grinding.

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