A Smile Everyone Will Envy

Have you ever commented on someone’s dazzling smile? Maybe you’ve used whitening toothpaste or over-the-counter whitening kits trying for the same result. At Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness, we can help you achieve real results, using, safe, effective products available only to dental professionals.

Why Choose Professional Teeth Whitening

Your teeth may become discolored or stained due to many factors, including smoking, eating foods that contain high levels of pigment, drinking red wine, coffee, tea, or cola, or simply from getting older. Stains that penetrate the tooth enamel can’t be removed by whitening toothpaste or strips you can buy in the store.

Our dentists use special products that penetrate hard dental tissues and reach the deep stains. They do not rely on abrasives that can reduce enamel thickness. With professional in-office whitening, you’ll see results after one office visit. With an at-home whitening kit provided by your dentist, you will see more gradual but just as dramatic results.

What to Expect with Professional Teeth Whitening

Treatment is non-invasive and completely painless. Minor gum sensitivity or inflammation can occur after an in-office visit or at-home session but are only temporary. Complications with professional whitening are rare. However, if you notice abnormal sensitivity that does not go away within a few days, please contact our office so we can find the underlying cause.

Consumer Warning Whitening doesn’t work on veneers or tooth-colored restorations. If you plan to get veneers or dental bonding, we advise whitening first. Additionally, if you already have veneers or bonding in place, you are wasting your time and money if you purchase over-the-counter whitening toothpaste or strips. These products can actually do harm to your cosmetic treatments because they may contain abrasives or strong chemicals.

Is your smile looking a little dull? You may have been searching for the right product to brighten your smile, but how do you know if all of those treatments in the stores or on the web are right or even safe for you? If you want a teeth whitening treatment in Charlotte, North Carolina, call Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness at 704-233-3430. You can enjoy a more attractive smile in just one visit with our dentists, Dr. Joe Chichetti or Dr. Reena Patel.

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