How are you sleeping?

Sleep apnea is a serious condition that affects millions of adults and children, many of whom are completely unaware. A person with sleep apnea will wake during the night, hundreds of times in a severe case, because their airway becomes obstructed and they are unable to breathe. The consequences of this condition go beyond just poor sleep. In fact, untreated sleep apnea can lead to major health complications, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, heart attack, and even stroke.

A vast majority of sleep apnea sufferers get treatment with CPAP, a machine that uses air pressure to keep the airway open during sleep. These machines, while effective, can be uncomfortable, noisy, and inconvenient.

If you or someone you care about has been diagnosed with sleep apnea, there is another treatment option besides CPAP, an Oral Appliance.

What is an Oral Appliance?

With sleep apnea treatment, the goal is to keep the airway open throughout the night so that air can flow freely and the patient will no longer experience interruptions in sleep. An Oral Appliance does this by keeping the jaw in the correct position to prevent airway obstruction. There are no cords, wires, or extra equipment needed with an Oral Appliance. It is simply a customized appliance that fits into your mouth over your teeth, much like a nightguard or a retainer.

An oral appliance can be a game changer for someone with mild to moderate sleep apnea who does not tolerate CPAP or is simply looking for a CPAP alternative. Using an oral appliance to treat sleep apnea:

    • significantly reduces or eliminates snoring, headaches, and dry mouth
    • promotes continuous, restful sleep
    • improves daytime energy, concentration, and mood
    • decreases risk of hypertension, diabetes, and other OSA-related health complications

Learn More About Oral Appliances for Sleep Apnea Treatment

Dr. Joe Chichetti and Dr. Reena Patel provide oral appliance therapy to help manage sleep apnea so that you can get the rest you need. Using a custom-made oral appliance can improve your overall health and quality of life. Contact Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness at 704-233-3430 to schedule your consultation and learn more about oral appliance therapy in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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