High-Definition Digital Images of your Teeth and Mouth

X-rays have been used in dental offices for many years, and at Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness, our dentists and team use digital X-rays to learn as much about your smile as possible. Digital radiography provides you with a higher degree of safety and comfort.

Digital vs. Traditional X-rays

When it comes to diagnostics, there is no doubt that digital imaging is the best way for your dentist to see your teeth and mouth in the most detail. But how do they really stack up against traditional X-ray images?

1. Digital X-rays are easy to capture and retake. The technology is simple to use, and if an image is unclear, retaking it is as easy as pointing a camera and clicking. With traditional X-rays, retaking an image would involve more film that would need to be developed, with no guarantee of getting a better image than the first one.

2. Digital X-rays are instantaneous. As soon as the image is captured, it is available on the computer screen for your dentist to view and analyze. A traditional X-ray takes time to develop, and the physical image must be printed on paper before it is useful.

3. Digital X-rays are safer. Digital imaging emits very little radiation compared to traditional X-ray technology. Not only is this safer for our patients but for our hygienists and dentists as well.

4. Digital X-rays are highly detailed. With digital pictures, small details are readily visible that would not be possible to see using film-based X-rays.

5. Digital X-rays are versatile. A digital image can be manipulated without distorting it. That means your dentist can zoom in on a particular spot to get more information. With a traditional X-ray, they would have to use a magnifying device, which is not guaranteed to be of assistance.

Digital X-rays are far superior to traditional X-rays, and we proudly use them in our practice to provide quality care to every patient. For more information and to schedule a visit with Dr. Joe Chichetti or Dr. Reena Patel, call our office at 704-233-3430.

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