The Royal Treatment for Damaged Teeth

Gone are the days of waiting around for your permanent crown to come back from the lab. Here at Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness, we offer crowns made from porcelain and created in a single visit using our advanced CEREC technology.

How does a Dental Crown Work?

When a tooth is severely damaged and needs reinforcement, Dr. Chichetti or Dr. Patel may recommend a dental crown to restore its structure and function.

If decay has spread throughout your tooth, eroding away a large amount of healthy tissue, or it has been severely damaged from trauma, a Dental Crown will cover the unaffected parts of the tooth once all the decay and damage have been removed. The crown acts as a hardhat for your tooth, so to speak, protecting what remains from further harm. It will look perfectly natural in your mouth and can last a decade or more with proper care.

Do not suffer with tooth pain

If you have severe tooth damage, and your dentist has recommended a crown, please don’t delay treatment. Oral damage will not heal on its own. In fact, it will only get worse without the proper intervention. Getting a dental crown will not only restore the shape and function of your tooth, it will also stop infection and decay from spreading to other areas in your mouth. The pain you feel from a damaged tooth will go away once your dentist places a crown over it.

CEREC – the latest Dental Crown technology

Same-day crowns with CEREC technology take the waiting out of the process. Get your tooth fixed in one day and be on your way. Not only is the process much quicker than ever before, but it is also utterly reliable and safe. We will fabricate your permanent crown directly on site and have you in and out in no time.

To learn more about same-day dental crowns in Charlotte, North Carolina and schedule your consultation with one of our dentists, give us a call at 704-233-3430.

Real Patient, Real Results

Patient Story

  • THE PROBLEM: Severe enamel breakdown resulting in wear of the teeth and a collapsed bite.
  • THE SOLUTION: Aligner therapy and multiple ceramic crowns made with in-house equipment.

After a year long aligner therapy, we leveraged our “in-house” laboratory and were able to transition him to his new smile and bite in 2 days. 28 crowns in total!

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