A Powerful Digital Camera the Size of a Pen

Several manufacturers have introduced small cameras that can be inserted directly into an open mouth and produce close-up pictures in real time. These tiny intraoral cameras have their own light source, and they can take pictures or even video of the entire inside of your mouth, allowing for a much better and faster diagnosis of cavities, chipped or broken teeth, damaged fillings, plaque formation, and other conditions.

How we use intraoral cameras at Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness

  • An ongoing record of your dental health and treatment progress — Photos can be sent to insurance companies to verify and expedite claims. Patients can easily see the results of long-term and restorative treatment.
  • Facilitate patient understanding — Digital images help patients visualize the state of their oral health. Using digital images captured with an intraoral camera, the dentist is able to show as well as tell the patient about any issues they have and how treatment will help them.
  • Oral cancer screenings — Heavy drinkers and smokers and patients with a family history of oral cancer are at risk. Any image that shows something abnormal or concerning can be sent to a dental oncologist for further evaluation. Such images provide an accurate measurement and description of the problem area, much better than having a dentist just send over clinical notes.

An intraoral camera is just one more piece of dental technology that will help your dentist provide top-quality care to you and your family. For more information and to schedule a visit with Dr. Joe Chichetti or Dr. Reena Patel, call our office at 704-233-3430.

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