We Can Make Your Smile Look Like New

Has time been unkind to your smile? Even the most damaged and neglected smile can be healthy and beautiful again at Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness. There are all kinds of things that can take a toll on your smile as time goes on. Personal habits, tooth decay, gum disease and simple wear can all impact the appearance of your teeth. At a certain point, many patients have just had enough and want to restore their smile to its former brilliance. That is when your dentist may recommend a Smile Makeover.

What is a Smile Makeover?

A complete smile makeover can be as simple as an office visit to whiten a dull but otherwise healthy smile or as complex as re-aligning, repairing, restoring, or replacing teeth over a period of months. What your smile makeover entails is completely up to you and your dentist.

Your Smile on Your Terms

You may select a combination of restorative and cosmetic treatments, like crowns and veneers. You may want to replace unsightly silver fillings with more natural-looking tooth-colored ones. You could also need extensive repairs, including dental bonding, a dental bridge or an implant, and orthodontics to straighten misaligned teeth. It all depends on what you desire, how much time you want to dedicate to your smile makeover, and what your budget will allow.

Regardless of your need, rest assured that our team will work closely with you to restore your smile to perfect health and make it look amazing once again.

If your smile is full of imperfections, please do not give up hope. Call Chichetti & Patel Dental Wellness at 704-233-3430. Our dentists, Dr. Joe Chichetti or Dr. Reena Patel, can see you for an examination and consultation for a smile makeover in Charlotte, North Carolina.

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