Should You Be Concerned About Your Child’s Breathing?

Does your child breathe through their mouth instead of their nose? Or does your child experience frequent ear infections, sinus infections, allergies, asthma attacks, or acid reflux? If you answered yes, then it’s possible that your child has an obstructed airway and poor facial development. We know this can be incredibly alarming to parents, but we are here to help with a solution. Read on to learn more about a pre-orthodontic treatment that can improve your child’s quality of life.

Sure Smile For A Straight Smile

Would you love to straighten your teeth but are not interested in the hassle of traditional metal braces? We completely understand that metal braces can be cumbersome and have a number of restrictions that may not be ideal for many adult patients. Did you know that we can help you improve the placement of your teeth with another orthodontic treatment? This method is popular with many of our patients because of the number of benefits this treatment offers. Read on to learn about this wonderful orthodontic treatment option.