Why choose oral appliance therapy to cure your sleep apnea?

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Oral Appliance Therapy involves attaching an oral or dental customized appliance inside the mouth while you are asleep. The appliance we use in this treatment is removable. This appliance can be placed in your mouth and you can take it out once you wake up. When worn, it prevents the internal airway blockage that occurs during obstructive sleep apnea. It keeps your tongue and jaw in a forward position so there is no obstruction or hindrance to the airway passage. This results in a streamlined airflow to the body without any difficulties in the breathing pattern.


People worldwide face issues with Sleep Apnea, however, most of it remains undiagnosed until it reaches a severe stage. Therefore, if you have already been diagnosed with sleep apnea, then the next best step is to visit us and get Oral Appliance Therapy. Oral Appliance therapy is a popular treatment for obstructive sleep apnea and has shown visible results over time. Many of our patients have validated the procedure and the mechanism of oral appliance therapy. This procedure is safe but needs to be incorporated with our expert guidance.


Oral appliance therapy is one of the most comfortable ways of treating obstructive sleep apnea. It does not slip or move during your sleep and therefore is highly convenient for people who are new and sensitive to such treatments. Oral Appliance Therapy has proven to reduce drowsiness during the day, mood swings, and overall concentration. Furthermore, since the appliance is compact, it is portable, and you can carry it when you travel. If you want to get your queries or doubts cleared about the oral appliance therapy, the process involved, or anything related to sleep apnea, call us today and get a detailed consultation with our experts.