When can dental cracks be repaired?

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A dental crack should be examined and treated immediately. You need to contact our office right away if your tooth has chipped and cracked.


A crack can be caused from one of various reasons. It may result from the pressure of grinding the teeth, or may develop from a weakened tooth with a large filling. It can also emerge from chewing or biting down hard on foods, such as hard candy or nuts. In some cases, a crack may result from a hard blow to the mouth, such as what may happen from a sports injury, fistfight or car accident. Cracks may also occur when there is an abrupt temperature change. For example, you might eat something extremely hot and try to cool your mouth with ice water. Some cracks happen because of the aging process, or tooth wear-and-tear.


Dental cracks may represent very small cracks in the enamel called craze lines. These cracks, which do not cause pain, usually do not need dental treatment. Some cracks, called fractured cusps, happen around a dental filling. They usually do not reach the pulp of the tooth where the connective tissues and blood vessels are found.

Other dental cracks extend up to or into the gum line, and are known as vertical cracks. If the crack reaches below the gum line, the tooth may need to be extracted. In this case, you should have the crack treated right away. Sometimes a crack may result in a split tooth, where the tooth becomes segmented. In this case, only a part of the tooth can typically be saved. If a vertical root fracture happens, the crack starts below the gum line and travels up the tooth, often resulting in a removal.


Unless they are craze lines, dental cracks should be immediately diagnosed and repaired. In cases where the crack extends below the gumline, you need to have immediate intervention. Taking measures to treat the crack promptly can often lead to a successful outcome.

Do you need to have a dental crack repaired? If so, give us a call today to schedule an appointment for an exam and consultation. Make sure you have any chip or crack repaired as soon as possible.