When a tooth cracks in half, it needs to come out

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When you are involved in an accident, you may suffer from a cracked tooth. If your oral cavity becomes too acidic, it may weaken your enamel, leading to fissures on the teeth. Due to pressure, a section of the tooth may fall off with time, leaving half of your tooth still attached to your gums. In such a case, you need to visit our professional to have the half tooth removed as soon as possible.


A cracked tooth exposes the dentin and pulp layer to infections. As a result, contamination to the blood vessels and nerves may lead to sensitivity and sudden pain when chewing. In some cases, tooth crack infections do not have any warning signs. This is dangerous since the infection may escalate to other parts of the body. To minimize infections, continue with your normal dental hygiene regime. Most importantly, brush gently to avoid further damages to the tooth. In case of a cracked tooth, ensure you make an appointment with our professionals as soon as possible.


The healing or restoration of your tooth depends on how fast you react after a tooth crack. Our main objective is to find the ideal solution for your situation. For a tiny enamel chip off, a refill, dental crown, or a bonding substance can reinstate the damaged tooth. Sometimes, severe fracture cases call for endodontic surgery to protect the pulp and save the entire tooth. However, if the damage has reached the pulp area, tooth extraction is the best decision. This helps in preventing oral bacteria from causing further damage to the body.

There are several dental restoration options after an extraction. Some of the most common permanent restorative measures include teeth implants and bridges. Using contemporary dentistry tools, we will come up with the right solution for your problem. Before the procedure, we will assess any further damage to the gum to avoid future problems or conditions. Contact our offices to explore the most favorable teeth restorative option for you.